iunie 3, 2014

Copile drag, de ziua ta…

Copile drag, de ziua ta
Cand lumea-ntreaga vine
Sa-ti cante „La multi ani! Ura!”
E mama langa tine.

Si-ti va sopti incetisor
Ca numai tu sa stii
„In viata nu-i totul usor
De nu inveti sa fii
Cinstit si drept,
Bun si-ntelept,
Cuminte, ascultator,
Si vei vedea cum vei avea
In toate, tu, mult spor…”

Voi incheia aici, frumos,
Dorindu-ti sanatate,
Sa-ti fie „soapta” de folos
In viata mai departe…

(autor necunoscut)

De 1 iunie, Super Mamma a dat intalnire copiilor in Parcul Astra. Daca vremea a fost rece si cerul innorat, a trebuit sa facem o incalzire asa ca am jucat fotbal, am sarit coarda. Unii dintre copilasi au desenat pe asfalt, aratand ce este in inima lor visatoare: soare si curcubeu, o dorinta pe care o aveam cu totii, cu siguranta. Nu au lipsit nici picturile pe fata, nici baloanele. Iar cei care au comandat de mancare au primit si o cupa de inghetata. Mai multe poze puteti vedea aici

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iunie 3, 2014

Happy Children`s Day

My dear child, on your special day
When everybody wishes you
A very „Happy Birthday! Hurray!”
Your mother is here, next to you.

And she will whisper gently
So only you may know
„In life not everything is child`s play
So learn and grow
To be honest and true,
Wise and good,
Sensible, obedient,
And you will thus attain
In everything, a much appreciated gain…”

Now, in the end,
I wish you health,
And may this „whisper” bring you wealth…

(author unknown)

On June 1st, Super Mamma spent the day in Astra Park together with the children. If the weather was cold and the sky dark, we had to warm up, so we played football. Some of the children enjoyed the jump rope, others drew with chalk on the sidewalk, revealing their heart`s desire: the sun and the rainbow, something that we all wish for, I am sure. There was face painting, balloons, and those who ordered food got a scoop of ice cream from Super Mamma. For more pictures please click here

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